Monday, December 31, 2018

Curious Dungeon #3&4 - Let the Year End with some Dungeons

The end of 2018 is coming close. This year i started this blog and, whilst my activity slowed down in the second half of the year i am still incredibly happy about what i am doing here and keep collecting ideas for new posts. I will write a anniversary post once that day rolls around so i keep the rambling about this short.

To close up this year i have a new entry in the Curious Dungeon Series. Curious Dungeons are not only among my most popular posts. They are also quite fun to make. The series is all about exploring Dungeon Design and Adventure design from different angles and creating new things to explore. So today i will do something else. I made two new Curious Dungeons, with one placed after the other. 

There are two main modes of creation for Adventures and Dungeons for me. Starting of with a story or starting of wit ha map. Most of the time i find myself in between those and not at one of the extremes, but some of my most fun creations have tended towards those extremes. This time i started just with drawing the maps and i filled it with life later. Naturally ideas started floating even while the maps were in work.

So to encourage creativity in this blogs readers i will only upload the maps to today's curious Dungeons. I know that many people reading this blog are no strangers to creating fantasy role playing content so i challenge all of you to fill these maps with life. Withing the next two weeks, to kick of 2019, i will post my own takes, my own ideas and my own design for what lies inside those two Dungeons, as i did for the first two in this Series. But maybe someone else will post his take. If you do so, please let me know, but yes... you are free to use those maps for you own creation. 

I'd really love to see some takes at these maps. Maybe someone even knows what lies beneath Curious Dungeon 4. There exists no map to there lower level yet. Maybe i have some ideas. Maybe i don't. Maybe your ideas are way better than mine. Who knows.

Here are links to the raw files for those maps if you want to use them.

Thank you all for reading this blogs posts. This project has been close to my heart and used up way more time than i expected but it's worth it. There will be more content next year.

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